Family Documentary Photography

The Thurber Family

The Porter Family

Day in the Life Sessions

A day in the life session is a true and honest capture at an average day for your family with absolutely no posing. I will become a fly on the wall as I capture the fun, the chaos, the love, and mostly, what makes your family special. If you or your significant other isn't a fan of the idea of a typical "pinterest" family photo, then this is a great way to document your family! I will tell the story of your family without anyone having to worry about smiling for a single photo! Sessions range from 2 hours to full day sessions, however a four hour session is strongly encouraged to allowed for a large enough glimpse into your family’s daily life.

This approach also works well for children’s birthday parties, settling in at home with a newborn, or even a family vacation you want documented!

The Odigé Family

As a family, we have experienced varied styles of photography, but Morgan’s approach was one we were strongly attracted to aesthetically speaking with a hint of apprehension - after all, she comes into your home and sees the family as it is, with the chaos of the day-to-day front and center! With her calm presence, soft motion and easy going nature, she quickly made everyone feel at ease, interacting here and there with our girls and made us forget rapidly that a camera was even involved - the results blew us away! Captures of the tender day-to-day moments, real, raw emotions, showcasing the beauty in the ordinary, the reality of our family’s life! Thank you Morgan for capturing a day-in-a-life of the Odigé family :)
— Sara