Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?

BUSINESS & Personal Branding

Do you have a business and want to build a more personal relationship with your customers? Telling your story visually can help create a meaningful connection to your audience.

Family Documentary Photography

Your family’s story told through photos of your everyday life. No posing, no fancy outfits, you be you and I capture what makes your family special.

Performance Arts
& DAnce

You are art, and your talent deserves to be captured by a photographer who knows how to share the story of your passion with the world.

Let me and my camera tell your story


Going beyond just photos, a visual storyteller can capture the virtue of a person or moment without words. Whether for social media, your website, or even your portfolio, storytelling images can help you better connect to your audience.
Documenting the every-day is what I do, and I want to tell your story. 


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A visual storyteller for life


Hi, I'm Morgan. I was photojournalist and editor for newspapers for over a decade, telling daily stories about my community and the people who make it unique. I'm also a mom, a life-longer dancer, and a dog lover. The best moments are captured when people can be themselves, so I want everyone to feel comfortable in front of my lens. Your story is important to me, and I look forward to helping you tell it.

Below you’ll find my personal documentary work. I’m currently working on a 365 project documenting my family’s everyday life. You can follow along on Instagram at @morgpet.