Hey there! Here's the short version of my story: 

  • Live in Montreal, QC
  • Storytelling photographer
  • Background in photojournalism
  • Love to travel
  • Momtrepreneur
  • Dancer since forever
  • Dog lover
  • Tea lover (yeah I hate coffee)
  • Could eat grilled cheese every day!

And here's the long version:

I was the kid who's mom took away her camera at age 5 for using too much film and cutting off people's heads. (Don't worry mom gave it back with a little more guidance.)

Growing up a dancer, I spent countless hours in a dance studio and on stage performing. When I began diving into the world of photography in high school, I was also dancing 5 days a week and my two passions merged for a brief time. I then went on to the University of Florida where I began my photojournalism education and started my career working at the local newspaper. I worked in the photojournalism field for a decade, both as a staff photographer and photo editor and loved telling the stories of people in my communities. 

My experience both as a photojournalist and as a multi-disciplinary dancer help me capture unique dance images where personalities are able to shine through while at the same time catching the perfect moment in a dancer's movement. With both portrait sessions and documentary work I try to tell the story of the dancer and their dance. 

Even though my creative energy has led me to pursuing dance photography more recently, I mainly love helping people share their own story as they work toward achieving their dreams. Because of this, I have begun working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, creatives, and anyone looking to build their brand and share their story through images.

I love to capture unposed, spontaneous, and real moments. My portrait sessions are semi-guided but still remain natural as I want to capture true moments, emotions, and personalities. I love to help people figure out how to tell their own story for their brand and create photos that are an honest reflection of themselves. My main goal with every single photoshoot is for my clients to  have fun and feel comfortable in front of my lens.

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