Session Fees

Pricing & session fees are straightforward:

  • $150 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours (digital files are included)

  • With each hour purchased you will receive a $25 gift card for products (Example: 4 hour session = $100 gift card)

  • You will receive a slideshow of your images to share with family and friends and you will have access to an online gallery to download your images.

  • Prints, Albums, & Wall Art are available à la carte (see below)

Product Pricing

Here are just a few of the products offered:

  • Prints and ready to hang wall art from 4x6 up to 16x24 (ranging from $5 - $85)

  • Albums & Books (prices start at $337 with 20 photos)

Example Pricing:

My pricing is set so that you can build your own package according to your budget, however here are some examples to help you plan.

Package A:
4 hour session + 10 8x12 prints ($20 each) =
$600 (session) + $100 ($200 - $100 gift card) = $700 total

Package B:
4 hour session + 20 page coffee table book ($337) =
$600 (session) + $237 ($337 - $100 gift card) = $837 total

Package C:
8 hour session + 10 8x12 prints ($200) + 20 page coffee table book ($337) =
$1200 (session) + $0 ($200 - $200 gift card) +$337 = $1537 total


  • What do we do during our session? We’ll chat beforehand about what a normal Saturday (or any day of the week) looks like for your family and what kinds of activities you do together. But for your session you will just do your normal routine! This means you don’t have to worry about getting all dressed up, actually please don’t, just be comfortable and let the kids dress themselves as they most likely do. We can hang out at home, in your neighborhood, or anywhere else you frequent.

  • We really don’t have to do anything in particular? Nope! Just be yourselves doing your normal family routine.

  • But our lives are boring… I promise you your life is not boring. I will be looking for creative ways to capture the emotions, connection, and love of your family. No matter what you do.

  • Can I book just 2 hours? Yes, but I strongly suggest at least 4 hours to give a bigger glimpse into your life and for you all to become even more comfortable forgetting about the camera.

  • Does this type of session work for newborns? Yes! Those fleeting newborn days are a blur and a documentary session is a great way to document your new little one as you adjust to your new life together. So many of us moms wish we had better photos from those first few days so here’s your chance!

  • What happens after the session? I’ll edit your photos, we’ll arrange a time to meet, and then you’ll receive a slideshow and online gallery in person. After going over the photos together I’ll help you as you decide the best way to show off your favorite photos in your home.

  • Do you offer payment plans? Yes. While your session fee will need to paid in full at the time of booking your session, the total from your products can be paid on a payment plan that I would be happy to discuss with you.

What’s next?

  • Scroll down to contact me and schedule a 15-minute consultation where I’ll answer any remaining questions.

  • When you’re ready to book we’ll set your date, I’ll collect your session fee, and send your session contract. That’s it!


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