Montreal Dancers: Andréanne

Some background

So this is the first of (hopefully) many posts that might look a little similar. But first I have to set the scene, bear with me for a little flashback story.

I began my photography journey in high school. At the time I had to work toward preparing for a final show upon graduation. Being a 5-day-a-week dancer at the time, I was naturally drawn to dance photography for my focus. I completed a body of work of dancers and non-dancers all dancing in the photo studio; the theme was, Anyone Can Dance. But at the same time I was jotting down ideas in my journal for future photoshoots. I wanted to shoot dancers in urban environments. I won't bore you with my teenage doodles. I brainstormed this series over multiple pages and it stuck with me for years.

Follow your dreams

Flash forward to 2017 and I had NEVER completed that idea. It was finally time. Andréanne was my first dancer in November of 2017 and it snowed the night before so we got creative and stayed inside for her shoot. I'm so excited to be finally bringing this project to life after all these years and to have found the most wonderful dance community that has welcomed me with open arms.


ballet dancer reflected in pool in montreal
ballet dancer reflected in pool in montreal

Dancer: Andréanne

Location: World Trade Centre Montreal and surrounding area

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