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Montreal Dancers: Suf & Aurelia


Dancers Suf and Aurelia have by far had the most difficult shoot to date thus far. It snowed a day or two before their shoot (and during their shoot!) and when asked if they wanted to go ahead anyway they both said YES! These young ladies had so much strength and determination. Very early on we realized once pointe shoes get wet, your feet freeze. So that didn't last too long, since the snow and slush was deep enough to get their feet soaked. We thawed in the lobby of a museum when it was finally decided the pointe shoes would be going away for the rest of the shoot. After that, boots and layer of tights/socks were actually better than the pointe shoes. :) Live and learn! And don't freeze! The winter weather and decorations did make for a stunning backdrop though!


Girl dancing in the snow in Montreal


Dancing outside in the snow

Dancers: Suf & Aurelia

Location: Old Montreal

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Montreal Dancers: Chloe

Contemporary dancer/choreographer/teacher Chloe Hart met up with me in late fall of last year. Right before the snow started for the winter, we wandered around town and ended up at McGill Campus. We discovered the beautiful interior architecture of the Dominion Square building and also spent some carefully timed moments shooting in the street. Chloe's fluid movements were beautiful to watch and capture. We had a great time exploring the city and discovered some great places to shoot, even as passersby dodged out of the frame and around us.


Woman dancing in Montreal on the street
Woman dancing in Montreal on the street

Dancer: Chloe

Location: Dominion Square Building, McGill Campus, and surrounding area.

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Montreal Dancers: Stephan

It was a rainy, cold, and wet day when Stephan and I met to shoot. We explored a bit of the Place d'Armes area and then went underground to stay dry, then decided to take our chances in the rain and hike over to Old Montreal. Stephan is a contemporary, jazzfunk, ladystyle, and bachata dancer who currently takes classes at A'Motion Dance Studio and performs with TRAWBL, a dance team that specializes in Heels. He was so much fun to work with; I can't wait for another shoot with him!


Man dancing in heels around Montreal
Man dancing in heels around Montreal

Dancer: Stephan

Location: Place d'Armes & Old Montreal

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