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Thurber Family - Half Day in the Life Session - Family Documentary Photography

Because they won’t stay little very long…

I met Claudia pretty soon after moving to Montreal. Almost two years ago now, she was the first fellow mom to welcome me to the city. I remember my son was so little and her youngest was so much smaller too when we met up for coffee.

Two years later, a winding road of exploring my photography passions and here we are. Family documentary photography has captivated me for years now. I’ve been actively documenting my own family in the same journalistic manner since, well, my journalism days. Seems natural right? My kids have so many moments, everyday and milestones, captured by mom’s camera. As my own children age I can see more and more clearly the value of freezing these fast paced years in photographs. Our everyday lives are just as valuable to cherish as the yearly family portrait, if not more so. Now I am turning my camera on other families to document the fleeting and beautiful everyday moments for them to treasure as well.

After documenting just a regular Saturday morning at the Thurber house, Claudia and I again met for coffee (and tea) and I showed her the photos I had taken of their daily and weekly routines, and all the hidden beautiful real moments mixed in there. My goal was to capture their family in a way that was truly 100% them and tell their story. When she teared up watching the slideshow I knew I had accomplished just that. (And then I started to cry too.)

Below are just a few of my favorite photos from their session, scroll to the bottom to see their complete slideshow.

Thurber Family Day in the Life Slideshow

Interested in a family documentary session for your own family? Contact me here.

Porter Family: Family Session & Day in the Life

The Porter Family - Family Session

For the third year in a row I was fortunate to photograph the Porter family. This year they welcomed baby Thaddeus to the family. You can easily tell how in love the entire family is with him. Big sister Jane didn't have to be asked to hug or kiss him, she was so excited when she was holding him she naturally loved on her little brother. I love creating family portraits that a family will look back on and remember they didn't have to pretend for the camera, they just got to be themselves. 

Day in the Life - 1 hr Session

This year we also did a shortened "Day in the Life" session. After their portrait session I followed the Porters back home to capture a bit of their new daily life as a family of four. If you are interested in a "Day in the Life" session please contact me as they are quickly becoming my favorite thing to photograph!

Baby Kaiden - Lifestyle Newborn Photography - Albuquerque, NM

He may already be almost two months old, but I'll say it anyway. Welcome to the world baby Kaiden!

Baby Kaiden was born on Friday April 29, 2016 at 11:10 a.m. He was only a few days early, but he still surprised us all. His lovely parents and I had scheduled a veryvery last minute maternity shoot for Saturday, April 30th. Needless to say, Kaiden had his own plans. So instead, one week later, to the day of our first scheduled photo shoot, I came by to photograph the little guy at 1 week, 1 day old.

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1835
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1947
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2499a
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2309
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2047
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2393
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2144
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2213
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1847
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2176
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2289
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1966
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1990a
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2085
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2032
albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2452